Data Privacy

Use of Personal Information

We are committed to implementing and complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”). We

try our utmost effort to ensure that we handle and protect your personal data according to its requirements.



1. Use of collected Personal Information

We may use Personal Information, including your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, and

other information including details of your transactions with us, for the following purposes:-

  • Subscription and Free Trial which include records containing information supplied by individuals who explore or

subscribe to the content of Education Ladder.

  • DM or Email, which include records provided to Education Ladder from individuals

  • Event Databases, which include personal data provided to Education Ladder from individuals for participating

promotional and training activities organized by Education Ladder, either on its own or jointly with its business partners.

  • For delivery of products from us; to send catalogs and direct mail; for related after service; to send information about

our new products and services.

  • For activities relating to the sale of our products; surveys; and other promotional information we deem relevant.

  • For the purpose of sending catalogues, direct mail, samples etc. from other businesses we deem suitable.

  • For preparing statistical data to support marketing, sales promotions and special features. In this case your

information will be used anonymously.

  • For payment purpose, such as credit authorization / monitoring, and management of accounts payable.

  • For the fulfillment of relevant delegated duties assigned to us by another company that process all or

some Personal Information.

  • To respond to and answer your inquires.

  • In addition to the above, we may mark down record about the calls you make to us for those purposes of customer

service training and to ensure our complete understanding of your inquiry.



2. Choice in collection of Personal Information


Certain places on our forms and website pages are marked with “You must enter this information” or similar text. If you do not

fill in these sections, we will not be able to confirm your identity and therefore will not be able to process your request.


3. Sharing your Personal Information


We will not disclose Personal Information we have received from you to any third party, except for the cases that we have

obtained your consensus or when required by law.



4. Entrusting Personal Information to other parties

We will not entrust Personal Information of your record to another party, except for the below circumstances:

A) When we outsource to an outsourcing company with which we have signed a nondisclosure agreement pertaining to

Personal Information some necessary task requiring the handling of Personal Information and with an objective that is

made clear to you.


B) “Outsourcing company” includes a courier company that delivers orders; a printing company that produces labels for

addressing catalogs; a credit card company specified when paying by credit card; a collections agency used when

items have not been paid for; a telephone follow-up service that presents information about new products and services



We will respond to requests to disclose or correct your Personal Information. For inquiries and to correct your personal

information, please contact A fee for disclosure of your Personal Information may be




5. “Opt out”of Personal Information


We will stop email, direct mailing and telephone calls to you should you request to include your

record in our Opt Out List. Requests to cancel online registration and stop email subscriptions must be made separately.

Opt Out” refers to the subscribers /customers who made a request not to receive any information from us.



We use our best efforts to monitor our compliance with the Ordinance. The following are maintained to ensure

compliance with the Ordinance:

A Data Protection File record data access and any correction request.

A Data Protection Operations Manual to set out the operational procedures and standards for protecting personal data.

 You have the right to opt-out, at any time, of any marketing materials that you have agreed to receive and/or you have been receiving.

Data access/correction and/or opt-out requests to us may be addressed to 

Education Ladder

Email Address:



Main Purposes of keeping Personal Data

Personal data held are mainly for

(i) administering the marketing, promotional and training activities;

(ii) responding to and taking follow-up action on existing or potential attendees’ inquiries; and

(iii) improving the promotional activities.

 Anonymous Browsing

Visitors can browse our Website on an anonymous basis. We have not configured our Website to collect any personal information from your computer without your input. This means we will not know

your identity and/or personal data about you unless you, as an anonymous visitor, voluntarily and knowingly provide us with such information.

 We do not use cookies to capture your email address or other personally identifying data about you. You can choose not to accept cookies. If you do, you cannot read free articles on Education as anonymous users/non-subscribers but you can still access our index pages. If you are Education Ladder subscriber, you can view the articles provided by us.

For any inquiries regarding personal data, please email:









1. 關於已保有的個人資料之使用目的



  • 認購及免費試用,其中包括含​​個人誰勘探或提供信息的記錄訂閱的教育階梯的內容。

  • 直接郵寄或電子郵件,其中包括由個人提供的教育階梯紀錄

  • 市場業務數據庫,其中包括參與提供教育梯子從個人的個人資料

  • 通過教育階梯舉辦推廣和培訓活動,不論其本身或聯同其商業夥

  • 寄送本公司商品、郵購型錄和DM等,以及相關售後服務、新商品、新服務等之通知。

  • 本公司商品之行銷、問卷調查、其他與生活相關之超值特賣訊息之聯絡。

  • 寄送本公司舉辦的優惠活動獎品時。

  • 市場調查以及促銷、商品推廣企劃之資訊統計。

  • 與本公司交易之相關授權、中間授權、債券管理。

  • 受其他業者委託,使用全部以及部分個人資料,進行業務活動。

  • 根據其他業者所獲取的個人資料寄送郵購型錄或DM,以及相關售後服務、新商品、新服務訊息之通知。

  • 本公司為了提高電話查詢服務的品質,以及正確掌握查詢內容,可能將電話內容錄音。

  • 回覆顧客查詢。


2. 關於取得個人資料的任意性





3. 關於個人資料的提供






4. 關於個人資料的委任


  1. 為了達成明示給顧客理解之使用目的,在必要範圍內,將顧客之個人資料委任予簽訂保密協定之業務委任公司。

  2. 所謂的業務委任公司指:負責商品運送的宅配業者、製作投遞型錄時所需姓名地址標籤的印刷公司、以信用卡支付



5. 關於個人資料之開示或訂正


(1) 顧客希望針對自己的個人資料開示、訂正之時,本公司將在合理範圍內迅速予以回應。


(2) 顧客家屬要求之開示、訂正,原則上不予受理。但若對象為同居之家屬,經本公司判斷為基於買賣契約所必須之時則不在此限。


4 。委託個人信息給其他方
B) “外公司”包括快遞公司,提供訂單;一家生產標籤印刷公司處理目錄,信用卡公司時通過信用卡支付規定,一個集合機構使用時, 項目尚未支付;呈現新的產品和服務信息的電話隨訪服務等


5 。 “退出”的個人信息