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ej4 is a US based organisation that has worked with leading academic institutes to produce a wide range of excellent videos  optimised to dealing with just in time (hence the J in the name) learning requirements in the modern workplace.

Equally the ej4 materials are ideal for a blended learning approach and lend themselves well to being used in the class room by tutors to stimulate discussion and explore ideas.    


Target Readers:  

Executive, Middle Management, Supervisory, Front Line and HR levels

The job of "supervisor" is one of the toughest in any organization. It's where the buck stops from the top, and concerns start   from the bottom. Learn how to be a followable leader and to get the most out of your people through these practical techniques.

In these 5 modules you will look at the competencies needed to identify where a supervisor gives great direction and feedback, and cares about me as a person.

·         Identify what you know about your employees’ family, hobbies, personal challenges, and interests

·         Evaluate how fair you are with others

·         Create problem-solving expectations for your employees

·         Find out what your employees need from you, their manager

·         Provide help and assistance to your employees facing challenges and obstacles

Our view…what can we say other than very useful learning materials, again practical and with purpose to improving the most common areas impacting employee engagement and retention. Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job.

The Engagement and Retention modules include a mix of actions for individuals and managers to improve engagement and retention with strategic, leadership and practical work environment actions.

Our Engagement and Retention Toolkit Dimensions contains learning content for 17 of the most common areas for improvement.