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Presentation Skills - II 



Presentation Skills - Part II
  • Presentation techniques
    • How to make a point (5:33)

Welcome to our third set of programs involving Presentation Techniques. In this course we’ll discuss how to make a point in your presentation, whether it’s a single point or a group of points.

  • Using audio visuals (15:16)

Our next course in the Presentation Technique series is about how to use audio visuals. In this course we’ll discuss the different types of audio visuals and what you need to consider before you use them.

  • Presenting numbers visually (10:30)

The next course in our Presentation Techniques series deals with how to present numbers. In this course we’ll discus how to recognize, as a view, when the data you’re being shown is slanted. We’ll also discuss how to effectively present your own data.

  • Presentation nonverbals (14:43)

In a presentation, your message isn’t just what you say and what you show. Nonverbal communication is just as important. What does that mean? Learn more about nonverbal communication here.

  • Writing speech information (7:23)

We’ve talked in other programs about information you need to provide before your presentation. Now we’re going to talk about how to write those materials.

  • Be ready for the worst (6:14)

We’ve already talked about all the things you need to do right for your presentation, but what happens when something goes wrong? It only takes one small thing to ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your presentation. Watch this program to learn how to be ready for the worst!