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Presentation Skills - III 



Presentation Skills - Part III
  • Making the presentation
    • Before the presentation (15:55)

Now that we’ve finished discussing the content of your presentation, we can move on to actually making the presentation. This course will cover what you should do right before your presentation begins.

  • Psyching up, not out (6:12)

In a previous program we talked about public speaking is one of many peoples’ biggest fears. It can be terrifying to speak in front of so many people. How do you psych yourself up but not out? Watch this program to learn more.

  • Switching between presenters (4:31)

All the courses you’ve watched so far assume that you are the only speaker at your presentation. But, what if you’re not the only one speaking? Watch this course to learn more.

  • Punching up your presentation (13:57)

So, you’ve got to present on the most boring topic ever? How do you punch up your presentation to make it more engaging? Learn here!

  • Handling questions (15:33)

Another part of your presentation that you need to develop a strategy for is the Q & A session. Watch this course to help you learn how to answer questions that come up during a presentation.

  • Handling distractions (5:23)

In previous programs we’ve talked about how to minimize distractions caused by technology. But what if the distractions are coming from your audience? Learn how to handle these types of distractions here.

  • After the presentation (7:04)